Saturday, February 21, 2009

About Me

This is for all of you sisters-in-law who have been wanting me to start a blog. I really don't know what I'm doing, but here goes...

About Me:
Name: Kristen Colette Harris Dastrup
Born: Boise, ID (moved to UT when I turned 6 and I never want to leave)
Family: Tom (my husband) and Rachel (my 5 month old). I come from a family of 8--3 boys and 3 girls. I'm the second oldest. I love big families!
Likes: My family and friends, music (especially piano), singing, drawing, writing, reading, cooking (as long as I don't have to clean up afterwards), vacations, dill pickles, quiet time and naps, anything crafty (I'm always up for learning a new craft), and more.
Daily Routine: Wake up, feed baby (this is repeated over and over so I will not mention it again), exercise, shower, write in journal, read scriptures and ensign, read lesson due for church, play piano, clean, teach piano lessons, cook, check emails and facebook, and spend time with my family and/or friends. I don't necessarily do all of this in one day.
Goals: To be a better cook, to one day finish school and become an elementary teacher, to be a good mom, to go on a couple's mission one day, to be more organized, to be a better visiting teacher, to learn something new, to read more books, to learn to decorate cakes, to start my geneology, to get better and memorizing songs on the piano, to get my house clean (this goal I might not ever reach!), and to be better about what I eat and how I exercise.
Things I'm Working On Right Now: I'm finishing my book Inkspell. I have only 4 more books until I've read my entire children's library. I am starting to organize my recipes so they're all in one place and easily accessible. I'm trying to get my house clean and take good care of my family.

Well, I suppose that's pretty good for a first posting. Hope you all enjoyed it. I realize that once I start writing I actually do have a little something to say. Who'd have guessed it?!

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  1. Welcome to blogging Kristen! You'll do great, and better than me I'm sure. :) Heres my blog site -