Friday, September 4, 2009

A Quick Update

I realized today that I haven't done a thing with my blog for...oh, let's just say a LONG time. So much has happened since I last posted I'm not sure where to begin.

I'll start by saying that Tom and I have been married for 2 years now. Goodness, has it really been that long? Last month was our anniversary, and although I spent it alone (Tom was in Omaha for a conference for work) it gave me a chance to reflect on the past two years. I realized that I am probably the luckiest girl in the world. I have a wonderful husband who honors his priesthood, works hard, and is so caring. Rachel is my little ray of sunshine each day. Yes, I think I'm pretty blessed.

Tom has started school again. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I hardly see him with school, work, and homework, but that's what you have to do sometimes. He is now sporting a new goatee. It used to be a full beard, but he compromised for me. (I still like the clean shaven look best.)

I enjoy being a mom and teaching piano lessons. It keeps me busy to say the least. Last month I held the second piano recital of the year. I love seeing my students progress and get excited about their songs. The Winter/Christmas recital is all that's left for this year, and I can't wait to give my students their new Christmas songs!

Rachel has grown up so much since the last post. Not only does she eat real food, she crawls, walks, has two new teeth (soon to be three), and says some cute little words. She has a kitty toy that she loves. She takes it everywhere. She doesn't know how to say "meow," so she says "me" instead. It's adorable. Books are "boop," bananas are "nana," babies are "bebe," and she says "mom," "dad," "uh-oh," and just today she said "roar" when she saw the leopard in her jungle book. She loves books and has claimed Tom's banana chair. I love her little laugh and sweet smile.

Anyway, I'm grateful to have a wonderful family and the gospel to guide us.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bored Bored Bored

What do you do when you're bored out of your skull? I'm so bored it's upsetting.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Real Food!

We decided to give Rachel real food this week. Yay for baby cereal! She loves it (and she looks adorable with cereal all over her face)! My mom told me that if I give her a bit of cereal before I feed her and put her to bed, then she'll sleep better because her stomach is more full. I certainly hope that's true. It would be nice to get some more sleep. I'll give it a trial run this week and see what happens.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Brief, Musical Moment

Last night I was taking care of Rachel when all of a sudden I heard a song in my head. This happens to me now and then, but usually I don't do anything about it. I did this time though. I rushed to the piano with staff paper in hand and wrote down everything I heard. I tweaked it to my liking and ended up with a nice chorus of a song. I have words for it and everything! Now I am working on making verses for it, but writing words to my song is turning out to be a tough job. We'll see how it turns out or if I ever finish it...

The Secret World of Computers

In attempt to figure out "the secret world of computers," I tried to write this post in Html. It didn't work, but it was worth a shot. I was reading some of Tom's slideshows from class and thought I understood what it was saying about html tags. But apparently it's different here on blogger. Hey, at least I'm trying to figure out computers so I can know why they excite my husband so much.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I grew up in a large family and hope to have a large family someday. There are 8 of us total--dad, mom, 3 brothers (Greg, Jason, and Jonathan), and 2 sisters (Jen and Connie). We all got along very well growing up. Of course, there were times when we didn't, but they were few and far between.

My mom and dad were smart--they didn't let us watch much tv and we only had one game system (which broke and was, thankfully, never fixed). I can remember the Sega being the one thing we constantly fought over. I think that this lack of tv helped us want to do more creative things together. We made up neighborhood games (and growing up there were 36 kids in our cul-de-sac that were roughly our ages). We had candy sales. We made up dances and skits on Sunday. We pretended to be on our own tv and radio shows. We made blanket forts and each time they got bigger and better. There are so many good memories with my siblings. Growing up we made a pact that we'd stay close friends even after we got married. So far we have been true to the pact and I'm glad.

Now I have my own family. I married Thomas Lamar Dastrup on August 24, 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple. I can't believe we've already been married for a year and a half! I love Tom with all my heart. He is sweet, kind, smart, handsome, and all of those things that a girl looks for in a husband. We each have our quirks, but we love each other for them. Sometimes I think he's more patient with me than I am with him. (Actually, I'm sure that's true.) He helps me each day to be a better person, and I love him dearly.

Rachel Kristen Dastrup is our latest addition to our family. She was born September 19, 2008. We love her with all our hearts. She looks a lot like mommy with her red hair and blue eyes, but she has daddy's patience. Lately, she has taken to rolling all over the house. Everytime I turn around she's somewhere new. She really keeps me on my toes. I love her happy-go-lucky attitude and calm temperament. I'm glad that we can be a forever family because I wouldn't want to live an eternity without anyone in my family!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My DVD Diversion

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day working on home DVD's for the family. I never realized I could get so into technology. My projects are still far from done, but I had a good time regardless. I've found it's almost like scrapbooking in a way. It takes lots of time, but it's LOTS cheaper.